The Facility - Attention to details that say "professional but hospitable"

Set amongst the natural beauty just West of Priddis, Alberta, Black Whiskey Ranch is exactly the kind of setting you would expect to inspire aspiring dressage riders and horses alike. Beyond the beauty of the natural surroundings, Black Whiskey Ranch also offers some of the most enviable facilities in equestrian sport – with the expertise in equine care regimes to back them up. With a virtually unrivalled horse-to-rider ratio, we offer the world-class amenities of a large equestrian facility with the one-on-one attention of a smaller, more caring operation.


Facilities at a glance

Each horse gets individual attention and care
8 Large stalls (12 1/2' by 12') with individual paddocks (30’ by 50’) and rotation of horses out to one acre grass paddocks
State-of-the-art soft mats, which significantly reduce the risk of injury by providing support when standing and lying in the stall, and by eliminating slips
Ritchie stainless waterer to each stall
Rubber tiled stalls, barn alleyways and wash racks to ensure safe comfortable footing for horses and riders
Barn in-floor radiant heating in the aisle, bathroom, tack room, lounge, washing/grooming bays and feed rooms
Each boarder gets a large tack locker 7'6"h by 30"w
Kalgo overhead infrared heaters located in the washing/grooming bays make bathing, hosing-down, or drying off after a heavy winter workout more comfortable for you and your horse
110' by 230' outdoor arena
Official dressage size sand ring (65.6’ by 196.9’)
Naturally lit 80 ' by 200 ' indoor arena with 3mm washed sand, oiled for dust control
Arena has 5' by 17' mirror at E and B and a 5' by 8' mirror at C
Security back-up generator for emergency lighting, heat and water in barn
Access to Black Whiskey Ranch is limited through our secure, gated main entrance
Automated humidity and air quality control in barn and arena
Environmentally sensitive horsekeeping including solar-heated arena, rainwater recycling, filtration and purification system
Accommodating of progressive, holistic and alternative treatment practices for horses, including chiropractic, homeopathic and herbal processes
Talented European-trained in-house instructors and guest clinicians


Feeding regime
Equine care of the highest standard, respecting every horse’s individual preferences and needs. Riders supply grains and supplements with instructions and we feed the horses under our care up to twice daily.

Black Whiskey Ranch provides only the highest quality hay, rich in alfalfa and timothy. Horses are put out to graze throughout the day(summer, weather permitting), and with that in mind, hay is provided four times daily: breakfast, lunch, dinner and night.

Water is readily available from our superior quality Ritchie brand stock waterers, which are well maintained with a diligent hygiene regime to ensure clean flow of fresh water free from bacteria.


Daily turnout

We feel strongly that a horse’s deserves to experience as natural an environment as is possible. During the summer, horses stay outside until 8 or 9 PM. They sleep in the barn overnight and are turned out into individual 30’ by 50’ paddocks each morning. In the afternoon, they are turned out to the larger field (weather permitting) where they can stretch their legs, gallop, play and enjoy nutrient rich grass.

All private, outdoor paddocks are equipped with drainage equipment to ensure your horse’s space is clean, and that presence of manure and mud are minimized.

Safe, secure panel fencing is used around the perimeter.